*In March 2021, Sockit! Gel was re-branded to be OraSoothe ‘Sockit’ Gel.

SockIt! Oral Hydrogel Wound Dressing (Project # 12-009)



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+ all natural products

+ pleasant taste and odor

+ don’t need to place or remove gauze

+ no worries about leaving gauze behind

+ patient takes the product home and uses as needed

+ can’t overdose

+ osteitis rate appears to be lower when using this product (1.6%)

+ patients liked the product



– not enough clinical data on the product

– couldn’t be stocked in our pharmacy or formulary



SockIt! Oral Hydrogel is a wound dressing that is all natural and approved by the FDA for application to all oral wounds. The product can be applied in the office and sent home with the patient for use as often as needed. SockIt! consists entirely of food ingredients, with no artificial ingredients or narcotics. SockIt! contains mannose polysaccharides from aloe vera, xylitol and essential oils of cinnamon, clove and thyme. The hydrogel is dispensed into the tooth socket where a thin layer of the gel adheres to injured oral tissues and to protect them from irritation and contamination. The pH is compatible with saliva. The manufacturer states that the gel matrix prevents the initiation of a pain signal without altering normal physiology by working outside nerve cells where it binds sodium ions and prevents their entry into the nerve that conduct pain. It is not absorbed into tissues or the bloodstream and it does not numb tissue.

A total of 246 patients were seen by sixteen different dentists in federal dental clinics. SockIt! hydrogel was used prophylactically in all of the patients. Twelve patients came back after surgery complaining of pain (4.9%). It was determined by patient interview that eight of the twelve did not use the product as directed by their doctor. The patients were told to use the product at least four times per day, or more often depending on the patient’s comfort level. Some patients were afraid of using too much product. Therefore, four of 246 were determined to have used the product correctly and still came in for management of post-operative pain (1.6%). Fifty six percent of the evaluators felt that SockIt! reduced the need for narcotic pain medication in their patients. Eighty eight percent of evaluators said they would purchase SockIt! for their clinics. Seventy-five percent of evaluators rated SockIt! Excellent or Good, and twenty- five percent rated the product average. None of the evaluators rated the product lower than average.